Production Services

We provide a full end to end service from script to screen for a variety of types of work from web promos to broadcast.  

Our crews have extensive global experience in documentary, news gathering, conferencing, music and theatrical promotion and performance. 

We provide the crew to suit your needs, from a simple one-man crew with professional HD or DSLR cameras to an extensive multi-camera crew.

Typical Crews

  • One-man crew - comprises a camera person with professional HD camera and incamera sound, but no sound recordist. This is suitable for gathering footage where quality of sound is not important.
  • A standard three man crew - can be a cameraperson and sound recordist with professional cameras and recording equipment, supported by a clapper/loader/runner. Or a camera and sound recordist, supported by a director/producer who will ensure that the story is 'in the can'.

We are then able to edit and deliver footage or a completed piece depending on requirements.

Bespoke crews can include multi-camera crews and grips, live video editors, sound team, lighting engineers, makeup, wardrobe and art department.

For more information please Ben Edwards.