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Panasonic Lumix GH2 looks like a great DSLR for video

posted 19 Jun 2011, 10:14 by Ben Edwards   [ updated 29 Jun 2011, 15:13 ]
I am currently writing a guide for DSLR video which will appear on the site soon.  During this process I found a very interesting article that pits the Canon 60D vs Panasonic GH2.  It Concludes:

"For now, I recommend the GH2 over the 60D in every respect, even if you have Canon lenses. You can adapt the Canon lenses to work on the GH2, and they’ll look beautiful." Read full article.

Obviously in many ways the Canon 5DmkII is the best camera due to its full sized 35mm sensor but with a lens it will set you back £3000 so at around 1/3 the cost the GH2 looks like very good value for money and should produce great video.