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Bristol Radical Film Festival, 27th Feb - 4th March

posted 27 Jan 2012, 01:42 by Ben Edwards
The Bristol Radical Film Festival screens some of the most socially and politically engaged documentary films from around the world. Taking place over the course of a week, the festival hosts screenings in a variety of community-based venues, culminating in a weekend of screenings, talks, workshops and debates at the entirely volunteer-run and not-for-profit cinema, The Cube. The variety of venues reflects the festival's aim to bring this kind of cinema out from the shadows and in the community.
Despite being used since its inception as a tool to educate, agitate and inspire action on some of the most important social, political and economic issues facing society, the vast majority of audio-visual media today is dominated almost entirely by the profit motive. Consequently, the majority of our screens are filled with a cinema which, when not entirely reactionary, gleefully reproduces the status quo and the social, political and economic values that go with it.

The Bristol Radical Film Festival showcases a radically different kind of cinema. In the wake of the recession and the unnecessary and unjust attempts to make ordinary people pay for it, recent months and years have seen an explosion of protest, resistance and solidarity. The fight back is on. Come and see what cinema can do to help. 

For more information, visit, or see our Facebook pages here: here: here:!/events/260720467326820/ and here