Local TV in the UK

The government has announced the first 20 locations set to receive local TV.  This page is an information resource for those interested in this process. Please Contact Us if you have anything that should be added.

In the late nineties the government started the process of issuing local RSL (Restricted License) TV licenses. At the time we held a public meeting and wrote an article entitled 'Will the Television be Revolutionised - Local TV Comes to Bristol and UK (1999)', the licenses were issued but most of the stations didn't last long. 

Now local television is a reality about to happen. The following article Local Television's Time Has Come - (December 2011), assesses the bidding process for the new licences as it stands and examines what a successful local television channel might look like.

To discuss local TV in the UK please use our Local TV UK Discussion Forum

Government/Ofcom Documents:

Below are documents relating to the licensing of local TV in the UK. A Good place to start is a Summary of Licensing Local TV
  • Community Media Association - Deal with community radio and local television as a consortium member of United for Local Television
    (ULTV). Runs the comtv-l mailing list.
  • Institute of Local Television - Campaigning group supporting Local TV
  • United for Local Television (ULTV) - the industry association for local
    TV in the United Kingdom (“UK”), has welcomed the government’s
    proposals for a ‘bottom up’ approach to the development of local TV.