About Us

iContact were innovators in independent citizens media back in the 1990s.

We were involved with some of the first streaming video on the internet in the United Kingdom. Before the turn of the millennium we were voices in the world of local independent citizens media discussing the potential for community and campaign film making that has become so much a feature of citizen led global developments in the world today. Nearly a decade before YouTube we successfully explored ways to give local media a global reach through digital exchange and other international networks.

We organized public meetings to encourage the idea of small scale global and local TV discussing legal issues and the potential for independent local television and the RSL licences and held regular public screenings of citizen-led film making. Our network model was used as case studies for university theses, we  have guest lectured at universities, provided community workshops, made award winning community films and were sought for our opinions on digital media. While we have provided news footage to terrestrial channels and made successful short documentary films for television and have worked internationally we have remained true to the ethos of empowering the ordinary citizen to produce media and become engaged in a genuinely roots up system of production and distribution. 

We have worked diversely, alongside groups such as Undercurrents Pioneers of citizen video in the United Kingdom - who have worked with Comedian Mark Thomas. As well as producing local authority led films and producing films for HTV and Channel 4.

Always remaining true to the ethos of small scale we set up Culture Shop, a distribution hub for small scale video production and the Bristol Community Channel, a portal for local micromedia production.